Of course you can go for a nice walk in the city itself. Would you however like to go on a more adventurous hike? Just outside the city you will find beautiful landscapes ready for you to discover.

What most of the tourists don’t know is that the region around Valencia offers a large diverse landscape. First of all, there is the amazing coastline with a lot of beautiful beaches and palm gloves. Second there is the bracing farmland of oranges and beautiful wineries. And last but not least you can find exceptional hills and mountains with rocky peaks, lovely pine-tree forests and gorgeous canyons if you go a little bit inland. This big diversity of the countryside is the reason why hiking in the surroundings of Valencia becomes such an extraordinary experience.

Vias Verdes

Vias Verdes, in other words the ‘Green Ways’, consists of hiking and biking tracks all over Spain. Also near Valencia are some tracks of the Vias Verdes. A train rails used to be on the same spot as the vias Verdes are nowadays. The rails disappeared after a long time of not using it, and then they decided to make it into hiking and biking tracks. All tracks are easily accessible as they are flat and even. Take a look at their website for more information.


Pais Valenciano

Many walking tracks are available in the inland of Valencia. For example the ‘Pequeños Recorridos’ (PR). These walking tracks will take you through lovely wine fields, over shady forest paths and onto the stunning mountains. The tracks are located from 600 to about 1300 meters above sea level. They are available in any kind of difficulty. You can imagine a hike through the wine fields to be a bit easier than a hike on the narrow mountain tracks. Furthermore the length of the tracks differs from 10 – 50 kilometers. All in all you should be able to find a track that is perfect for you.
Some of these tracks start in Requena and Alpuente which are located around 80 kilometers from Valencia. You can easily reach these places by train or a rented car.
For more information on tracks you can contact the Spanish Mountains Sports and Climbing Federation (Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada).

Close to the city

There are also some great places to go hiking if you prefer to stay closer to the city. For example the ‘Albufera Nature Reserve’ is located only 10 kilometers away from Valencia. Albufera is the biggest lake of Spain. It is also a great place if you want to go bird watching. Moreover you could go to the ‘Turia Nature Reserve’. This is a national park along the Turia River. It is located just 25 kilometers outside Valencia.

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